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From the Feline Hyperthyroid Yahoo Group:


I131 in NYC? Wed Nov 30, 2011


I joined about two weeks ago after we got a hyperthyroid diagnosis for Suki, my 14 year old kitty. She’s started the methimazole, which seems to be going well. She’s hard to give pills to, and HATES having her ears messed with, so we opted to try the chicken flavor “chewies” – which she scarfs right down. What a relief!


Now we’re starting to think about the I-131 procedure. Our vet said they have a few places that they can recommend, and we’ll get more details from them when we go back for the first checkup in a week or two, but thought we might start doing research now.

 We live in Brooklyn, so that would be best for us. I know Dr. Peterson has a clinic in Manhattan and is highly thought of on this group, and we’ll definitely be looking into that option. But I was hoping there are others on the list who might offer their experiences with any places in NYC.



Aaron and Suki


One of the members of the group responds:


Hello Aaron and Suki!


Sampson Thunderpaws went to Dr. Peterson’s clinic in Bedford Hills, NY about 3 weeks ago. If the clinic in Manhatten is anything like the one in Bedford Hills, Suki will be thoroughly spoiled by the time s/he gets home. The dosage is tailored to the cat and his/her needs rather than be a set dosage per cat as some of the clinics are. There is a vet tech in with the cats all day and I caught her feeding Sampson (there are webcams in every “condo”) after 8pm one night. They answered all my emails promptly – and I sent a “few”. :)


Sampson was hand fed when he didn’t want to eat and they gave him additional cooked pieces of chicken to tempt him. They have lots of things for the cats to watch – cat TV and real, live Gerbils in cages just outside their “condos”. Oh – and they brought him a gerbil in a ball to keep his hunting skills sharp. LOL! (A vet tech was there every minute so no gerbils were harmed in the process.)


Dr. Peterson is the man for HyperT with 30 years experience, so that is the real reason we went there – but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for Sampson. Which made it easier for me to leave him there.


Peace, Plenty and Purrs,

Memory and Sampson Thunderpaws

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