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What to Expect from a Radioiodine Therapy Facility

What Should You Expect From The Facility Providing Radioiodine (I-131) Therapy For Your Hyperthyroid Cat?
Why choose Hypurrcat?

Find out how our facility and our level of care surpass that of any other facility.
Compare Radioiodine and Methimazole

See for yourself how Radioiodine compares to Methimazole

Nuclear Imaging for Animals

Nuclear imaging, also called nuclear scintigraphy or nuclear scanning, is an important branch of radiology that provides diagnostic information that cannot be obtained with more common imaging techniques...

Dietary Management of Cats After Radioiodine Treatment

What to feed your cat after treatment with radioiodine.

Dietary Management of Hyperthyroid Cats with Kidney Disease

What to feed your cat after treatment with radioiodine, if the cat has concurrent kidney disease.

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