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Why Choose Hypurrcat over Another Facility?

We know that you have other treatment options, and the other radioiodine treatment facilities might seem like “a better deal,”  at least on the surface.


However, there are a number of things that we offer at our Hypurrcat spa that no one else does. Below is a partial list:


Deluxe facilities and cat care
• Spacious double cat condos (watch the video!)
• Cameras in each condo to view your cat
• Feedings 3 times a day


Thyroid scintigraphy (scanning) on all cats
• Confirm diagnosis (watch the video!)
• Determine thyroid tumor volume
• Rule out thyroid cancer


Individualized I-131 dosing
• Dose calculated from thyroid tumor size
• Complete thyroid panel (T4, T3, free T4, TSH)
• Thyroid radioiodine counts measured to ensure absorption by the thyroid tumor


Long-term monitoring options
• Complete serum thyroid panels and renal function
• Repeat thyroid scintigraphy to confirm destruction of thyroid tumor
• Thyroid scintigraphy to confirm that adequate amounts of thyroid tissue remains
• After each recheck visit, Dr. Peterson reviews all results and give his recommendations if requested by your veterinarian


Clinical research studies
• Help defray some of the cost of this treatment
• Help advance our knowledge of feline thyroid disease


Dr. Mark Peterson
• First to discover and report hyperthyroidism in cats (1979)
• Over 40 years of experience treating cats with radioiodine
• Continued research helps to advance this treatment


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