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To Refer A Client To The Thyroid Clinic

Making an appointment
Send us a referral form with your contact information requesting 131I treatment (email info@animalendocrine.com or fill out online contact form below).

If any questions, call (212) 362-2650 Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm.


Required information for all referrals
Referring veterinarians should fill out an AEC Patient Referral Form, listing the medical problems, relevant treatments, and the reason for referral.

Please include relevant diagnostic/lab test results and medical record copies. Be sure to include all radiographs and ultrasound reports.

Fax number
(212) 537-6340

Email address

Our Referral Policy

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    • The Animal Endocrine Clinic will only perform those laboratory tests, medical procedures, or therapies for which
      the cat or dog has been referred.

    • We will not provide elective or wellness care to cats or dog referred to us by another veterinarian. We do not carry
      vaccines in our facility.

    • If unanticipated diseases or medical conditions are identified during the referral examination or hospitalization period,
      we will promptly contact the referral veterinarian and act in partnership with him or her to decide on the best course of action.

    • In the rare event that critical or life-saving measures become necessary, we will always act responsibly to assure each
      patient’s health and well-being. In such rare cases, we will promptly inform the referring veterinarian as soon as possible,
      and provide daily updates as needed.

    • We at the Animal Endocrine Clinic will always refer clients (ie, owners) back to their primary referral veterinarian after the
      endocrine condition has been evaluated or managed. Once the cat or dog has been evaluated or treated at our facility,
      we will contact the referring veterinarian both by fax and phone to discuss our recommended future follow-up care.

Click here to download the Referral Form in PDF format.

Click here to submit the Referral Form Online.

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    Hypurrcat (I-131 Treatment)Endocrine ClinicNuclear Imaging

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