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THE BASICS: Scheduling an Appointment

  1. To schedule an appointment for your cat’s radioiodine treatment, the first step is to send us your contact information and request for 131I treatment (email info@animalendocrine.com or fill out contact form here).
  2. Once we have your contact information, we will then email you more specific information about our 131I treatment protocol and cost, as well a pre-admission history form for you will fill out and return to us.
  3. We will also need your primary veterinarian to fill out a referral form and send us your cat’s complete medical records since time of diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. This should include the history (including treatment with methimazole), physical examination, the serum thyroid tests, and routine blood work (e.g., complete blood count [CBC], serum biochemical profile, and urinalysis).
  4. Once we receive this additional information from you and your veterinarian, Dr. Peterson will review your cat’s medical information and records, and he will advise you and your veterinarian about any addition testing needed (e.g., repeat blood work, chest x-rays).
  5. Once we determine that your cat is a good candidate, we will then schedule an appointment for your cat to be evaluated by Dr. Peterson for 131I treatment.
  6. If your cat is on methimazole, the drug should generally be stopped at least 1 week before the Hypurrcat 131I treatment date. However, this time is individualized, and we will tell you exactly when to stop methimazole once your appointment date is scheduled.
  7. If at any time during this process, you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us (best) or give us a call (212-362-2650 or 914-864-1631).
  8. Remember that answers to most questions can be found on our FAQ page.


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