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Jade Guterl recently passed her boards and is now a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Jade also serves as the Animal Endocrine Clinic’s Clinical Research Coordinator. She has experience in many different types of animal environments including a veterinary hospital, a farm, and pet care facility.


Prior to working at the Animal Endocrine Clinic, Jade received her Bachelor of Sciences in Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary and Research at Rutgers University. Jade assisted Dr. Larry Katz in a conducting a 9-month research project on the effect of proximity to female goats on serum
testosterone concentrations, body weight, and courtship behavior in male french alpine goats. In this role, Jade scheduled daily research events and managed over 30 research assistants, assigning them to various tasks, and carefully monitored and evaluated their performance. Jade organized and compiled data into her final thesis paper which she then successfully defended.


At home, Jade has two ferrets, Oliver and Toki; one dog, Jinxie; and seven cats, T-Bone, Meatball, Belly, Nimma, Muzzy, Monkey Nee-Naw, and Trooper.


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