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Capital District Veterinary Medical Society (CDVMS), Albany, New York, May 8, 2013: 


A big thanks for last nite. I always learn so much when I attend your lectures. It also amazes me that I have been regulating cats with a very minimalistic approach my entire 25 years of vet medicine, often based on a combination of clinical signs, diet management and conservative and slow changes of insulin without curving in the hospital and I always get tremendous flack from the practice owners for not generating a lot of $… very frustrating!!


On behalf of the members of the Capital District Veterinary Medical Society, I’d like to express our appreciation for your willingness to present to our society. The lecture was excellent and presented some very useful information. I know I picked up a few good tidbits to help me in practice.


Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association conference (February 2012): 


Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed each of your talks. I learned a LOT. You are a GREAT speaker! Thanks for speaking for us at the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) annual meeting.


Yours were the best talks I attended at the MVMA conference, hands down. Thanks!

Animal Endocrine Clinic Seminar in Westchester, NY (March 18, 2012): 


It was my pleasure to attend your lecture today. On few occasions in the past I had talked to you about the cases. I had never imagined that you can have such a great sense of humor. I have to confess that most of the time I struggle to stay awake and have to have a cup of coffee every hour to keep me awake and focused. You made me break my tradition today. I had sat down with a cup of coffee and hardly even touched it. You kept lecture so interesting that I did not need chemical help to stay awake or to stay focused. Your interactive presentation was excellent. Your format and information were very effective for people working in the trenches. This was the first time I attended your lecture and I was so happy that I did. Hope to attend future lectures. I liked this half a day format. I find it is more convenient than to attend hourly lecture. It was the best usage of the time I would have otherwise spent this Sunday. Thank you for this and all the help with my patients.


Thank you for as most informative and enjoyable seminar yesterday.




Great lecture. Your enthusiasm was infectious.


Thank you for a great lecture yesterday. I really learned a lot.


It was a pleasure to attend your seminar on March 18th. Thank you for the excellent, clear and clinically oriented presentation.


Thank you for the great seminar last Sun. It was extremely helpful, as always, and you are such a wonderful speaker and person.


Excellent Seminar. Always something new to learn. Looking forward to any future seminars. Thanks for the invite!!


Thank you so very much for providing this great seminar for free to all of us! It was super!


New York State Veterinary Conference in Ithaca, NY (September 2012): 


Learned a lot from your lecture and enjoyed your stories. Thanks


Great lectures today! Thanks!


I want to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your presentations at the recent conference at Cornell. The same can be said of your joint presentation with Dr. Broome!
It was so nice to see how practical your decisions were on diagnostics recommendations and how considerate you were of the client.


It was a great session. Thanks for adding the additional material.


I attended your lectures at Morrison Hall at the the NYS conference last week. Great job! The lectures were very practical and usable in practice.


I attended your presentations at Cornell a few days ago – they were great!


Thanks for the great lectures. You don’t know- you’ve changed my life! I was bored with my practice and you reinvigorated my whole practice outlook!


just wanted to thank you for your time at the conference, I really learned a lot from you.





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